About me

Welcome to REactivity, your reliable partner in IT since 2007. The most astounding feature of Information Technology (IT) is not its rapid growth but its ever growing importance in our daily and professional lives. Once the question how and what to automate was an easy one to answer and a wrong answer wouldn't have a big impact because the whole process took so much time there was room enough to recover. Now we are confronted with an often confusing multitude of choices on business models, approaches, tools, methods, technologies, add-ons, principles, architectures, hardware, software, techniques, frameworks and languages (to name but a few) and even an unfortunate twitter or Facebook post can have a devastating personal or professional effect. Along with the growing number of choices comes a growing level of uncertainty about their outcomes; time moves fast and what seemed like a great idea yesterday can prove to be a failure tomorrow. IT tends to focus on itself - it's definitely narcissistic-, forgetting about the people they do all their work for: users. A great UserExperience (UX) is what ultimately will decide the succes of your IT and not the level of technological sophistication you achieve.
As an iOS app developer and cultural anthropologist I am very aware of the importance of User Experience which has a much broader scope than the one usually attributed to it: " What do users think of our app?". As technology changes, users change with it and however innovative, sophisticated or advanced your app (idea) might be, if it doesn't appeal to your target users (or more technical: if your UX is below par) , it will fail. In the end even technology is about people.


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