Cloud well-architected framework

All three big cloud providers have more or less the same IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS offerings. Sure, they can differ in the details (and price) but given they tend to offer what customers want there are many similarities. They also […]

Hyper-reality: an AR vision

When I was cleaning up some of my old projects and websites I came across this post that I had posted on in early 2017. Four years later it is as fascinating as it was then. From a technology […]

Uncle Bob: The Future of Programming

Robert C. Martin, aka Uncle Bob, is perhaps the best-known advocate for software engineering craftsmanship. His books, especially Clean Code are a must-read for every (aspiring) software engineer, but his (paid) video courses are a bit too campy for my […]

Freemium game apps: evil by design

I borrowed the subtitle from the 2013 book by Cris Nodder. This book is both fun and shocking to read as it shows the various psychological tricks (neutrally called design techniques) used by websites to get the desired behavior from users. […]